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The library has a new website! The new URL is http://www.umb.edu/library. Starting Friday, August 26 access to the library's old website will automatically redirect you to the new site. If you experience any problems or wish to provide feedback, please contact library.support@umb.edu.

University Archives and Special Collections

The mission and history of the university guide the collecting activities of University Archives and Special Collections. The department gathers material that is complementary to our neighboring archival institutions, the Massachusetts State Archives and the John F. Kennedy Library. The university's urban mission and strong support of community service is reflected in the department's collections of records of urban planning, social action, alternative movements, and community organizations. Archives and Special Collections has also built collections to support student and faculty research interests. Additionally, the location of the campus in the Dorchester section of Boston has prompted the department to make available sources for the study of Dorchester history.

The University Archives and Special Collections Department has assumed curatorial responsibility for the archival and manuscripts collections acquired by the university's William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences that relate to the study of the Vietnam War.

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