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Huntington Institute for Orphan Children : Financial Records, 1915-1957


2 bound volumes and 1 folder


The financial records were donated to the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston Library by the Fiduciary Trust Company in July 1998.


Ralph Huntington of Boston died in 1866 and left a charitable trust called the Huntington Institute for Orphan Children to provide care and maintenance for needy orphaned children. The Trust would operate through the medium of other child care agencies. The Trust became operable in 1915 and provided funds to the Boston Children’s Aid Society for the purpose of assisting some of the orphaned children in their care.

The trust was administered by the Fiduciary Trust Company of Boston from 1915 to 1971(?) when the assets were turned over to the Boston Children’s Service Association, the successor agency to the Boston Children’s Aid Society.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of two bound journals and one folder of correspondence and reports. The journals record the investments and income for the trusts and payments to the Boston Children’s Aid Society and its successors. The folder consists of correspondence between the trust administrators and the Society. It also contains copies of financial reports to State Board of Charities and correspondence with auditors.