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Worker Education Program (WEP) : Records, 1991-2007


4 record cartons, 3 document cases


The collection was donated to the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston Library by Nancy Falk on July 17, 2007.


Formed in 1986, the Worker Education Program (WEP) offers free Adult Education classes to members of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, ASFCME Council 93, and other unions. WEP is a non-profit education program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Education and is sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Arnold M. Dubin Labor Education Center. WEP offers free courses at worksites that will “help entry level service workers increase their basic skills, access higher paying jobs, and achieve their personal goals.” Courses include: career counseling, basic skills education, literacy and language learning, training for job redesign, diploma classes, college preparation, and associates degree programs. WEP has helped to further the education of over 4000 Massachusetts workers at over 30 sites and continues to do so today.

Scope and Content

The collection is arranged into twelve series:

Series I. Governance, 1991-2005, includes mission statements, philosophy, pedagogy, and by-laws.

Series II. Meeting Minutes, 1994-2005, includes typed and handwritten minutes from staff and other meetings, agendas, notes, memos, letters, and emails.

Series III. Cycle Reports, 1991-2005, includes class lists, master lists, employee lists, reports, presentations relating to specific cycles or the organization as a whole, and Workplace Needs Analysis (WNA) reports. Reports are about WEP in general or related to specific worksites. This series contains one (1) floppy disk.

Series IV. Curriculum, 1991-2006, includes workplans, teacher preparation, the career ladders program, handouts, workshops, and GED and External Diploma Program (EDP) records. Materials are in English, Spanish, French, and Russian. The career ladders program is designed to help hospital service workers move up in their careers through education.

Series V. Financial Information, 1999-2005 includes budgets, reports, bank information, grant proposals, and financial records relating to the EDP and the Boston Adult Literacy Fund (BALF). Reports are related to budget proposals and can be general or specific to worksite. The series contains drafts and final versions of yearly budgets.

Series VI. Department of Education Records, 1991-2005, includes applications, reports done in conjuncture with funding requests, and grant records. 

Series VII. Evaluations, 1991-2007, includes assessments, surveys, interviews, and site visit reports. Students and teachers participated in the surveys.

Series VIII. Outreach, 1991-2005 includes flyers and press coverage.

Series IX. Job Records, 1998-2003 includes WEP job descriptions, job postings, and resumes.

Series X. Union Records, 1992-2005, includes meeting minutes between WEP and SEIU, WEP supported contract bargaining efforts and agreements between worksites and SEIU, labor management, and union budget information.

Series XI. Women’s Union, 1996-2006, includes curriculum, financial information, meeting minutes, reports, WNAs, and other agreements made between the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union (WEIU) and WEP. This series contains two (2) floppy disks.

Series XII. Working Writers anthology, 1996-2003, includes six issues of works by students in the English as a Second Language and Writing and Communication courses.