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UMass Boston 25th Anniversary Oral History Project, 1989/90


1 document case (tapes, transcripts and indexes)


As part of the University wide celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the University of Massachusetts at Boston, the Graduate Archives Program and the University Archives sponsored an oral history project. The graduate students in Professor James M. O'Toole History 671 class conducted oral history interviews with twelve UMass/Boston, UMass/Amherst faculty and administrators, a former student, and a community activist, regarding the early history of the university. Legislation establishing UMass/Boston was passed in 1964 and the first classes were held September 1965. Many administrators and faculty at the Amherst campus played an important role in developing the structure and policies of the new urban branch of the university. In 1982 Boston State College and UMass/Boston were merged by legislation which brought many new programs and faculty to the UMass/Boston campus. In August 1989, Chancellor Sherry Penney hosted a luncheon and round table discussion on the founding of the University. Her guests including former Governor Chubb Peabody, and Massachusetts legislators who sponsored the founding legislation. She also invited UMass/Amherst administrators who played a role at the time. The round table discussion was videotaped by the Center for Communication Media of the University. Two copies of the videotape were deposited in the Archives and have been added to this collection.

Scope and Content

As part of the class assignment, the students learned about oral history techniques and developed appropriate questions for this project. Included in the collection is one student's list of possible questions. The six graduate students in History 671, Spring 1990, each interviewed two people, cassette recordings of all twelve interviews are included in the collection. Six of the interviews were transcribed by the students. For the other six, the students created indexes to the tapes. All of the interview subjects were asked to sign a consent form allowing their interviews to be deposited in the University Archives. The collection also includes two videotapes, as noted above.