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Eagle Forward : Newspaper of the 24th Infantry Regiment, September 14th, 1950-October 1st, 1951


1 file box, 6 folders


This newspaper was donated in June of 2006 to the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston by Quentin Chavous. Quentin Chavous is a professor in the College of Public and Community Service at the University of Massachusetts Boston and was a member of the 24th Infantry Regiment and editor of the newspaper from May 1951 to its last issue.


The Eagle Forward was an official military publication that ran from September 14th, 1950 (the first issue was titled Eagle’s Flight) to October 1st, 1951.  It was published by and for personnel of the 24th Infantry Regiment (one of the last segregated African-American regiments in the U.S. Army) under supervision of the Public Information Office, 24th Infantry Regiment, Korea, APO 25.

Known as a “foxhole daily,” the popular Eagle Forward was a two-page newspaper that was published Monday - Sunday and had a press run of about 600 copies for the soldiers to share.  In an article about the Eagle Forward, Associated Press reporter Hal Boyle wrote that the newspaper was “put out by candlelight, Korean gaslight and flashlight.  It has gone to press in bombed-out buildings, abandoned factories, in open fields, in tents and in creek beds.”  Boyle continued that “its editors sometimes have to melt the frozen ink on the stove to publish, but no difficulty yet has stopped them.”

In its thirteen-month run, the Eagle Forward published news material from the Armed Forces Radio Services, the Armed Forces Press Services, Associated Press (AP), United Press (UP), and International News Service (INS). Also featured were news items about the companies and individual soldiers, as well as advice to soldiers, occasional cartoons and humorous items

Scope and Content

The Eagle Forward newspaper collection is divided into six folders.  The first five folders contain the newspaper in chronological order.  The sixth folder contains related material about the newspaper: two newspaper articles and an Army Home Town News Center press release on editor Quentin Chavous, a photcopy of an AP article by Hal Boyle titled News Comes to the Foxhole about the newspaper, and two secret Tropic Lightning Information Digest releases, dated February 8th and 9th, 1951.

The issues of the Eagle Forward newspaper are mostly double-sided with an occasional extra page or attachment.  Each newspaper contains a date, as well as volume and number.  There are some inconsistencies in numbering, five missing issues, and extra copies of two issues.  

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                Box 1:


                            f. 1               Eagle’s Flight            (Sept. 14, 1950)

                                                Volume I, No. 1


                            f. 2               Eagle Forward          (Sept. 17, 1950 – Dec. 31, 1951)

                                                Volume I, No. 2 – No. 83


                            f. 3               Eagle Forward           (Jan. 1, 1951 – Apr. 13, 1951)

                                                Volume II, No. 1 – No. 99


                            f. 4               Eagle Forward          (Apr. 15, 1951 – Jul. 31, 1951)

                                                Volume II, No. 101 – No. 208


                            f. 5               Eagle Forward         (Aug. 1, 1951 – Sept. 30, 1951)

                                                Volume II, No. 209 – No. 270

                            f. 6              Related clippings on the Eagle Forward, Editor Quentin Chavous,                                                 and two Army reports