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Dorchester Recycling Volunteers : Records, 1989-1994


2 file boxes


The records of Dorchester Recycling Volunteers were donated to the Healey Library Archives and Special Collections Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston by Ron Gallagher in March 1995.


The D.R.V. (Dorchester Recycling Volunteers) were a community based, volunteer run organization. The group sought to educate the public on recycling issues and to implement a recycling program in Dorchester. The D.R.V. worked closely with the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services and the city's Environment Department, to establish a monthly recycling drop off in Dorchester. The program began at UMass Boston on July 15 1989. Eventually Mayor Flynn approved a citywide curbside recycling program in November 1994. The D.R.V. ended its monthly collection when the city of Boston started curbside recycling.

Scope and Content

The D.R.V. papers consist of meeting notes within the organization and with the larger B.R.C. (Boston Recycling Coalition). The collection also contains volunteer lists, operation files, the D.R.V. newsletter, correspondence and general information about recycling. The material spans 1989-1994. Archives and Special Collections Department
Healey Library, University of Massachusetts at Boston


Folder List

Box 1

    1. Meeting notes-DRV [1989-1992]
    2. Meeting notes-BRC, other [1989-1990]
    3. Meeting notes-BRC, other [1991-1994]
    4. Dorch, Boston operations [1989-1990]
    5. Dorch, Boston operations [1991-1993]
    6. Names, phone numbers [1989-1991]
    7. Correspondence [1989-1993]
    8. UMass [1989]
    9. City plans-job [1989-1991]
    10. City plans-job [1992]
    11. Dorchester recycles newsletter [Aug 1990-Aug 1991]
    12. Dorchester recycles newsletter [Sept 1991-Sept 1992]

Box 2

    13. Dorchester recycles newsletter [Oct 1992-Oct 1993]
    14. Dorchester recycles newsletter [Nov 1993-Aug 1994]
    15. Press/radio releases and contacts [1989-1991]
    16. 6 Photographs [Doolittle check]
    17. Dorchester recycles bumper sticker.

    18. Clips-DRU, Boston, Mass. [1989-1992]
    19. Non-Boston clips, brochures, etc. (place specific) [1986,1989]
    20. Non-Boston clips, brochures, etc. (place specific) [1990-1992]
    21. Recycling info [1989]
    22. Recycling info [1989-1992]