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Dorchester Brigadiers : Digital Photo Scrapbook, 1966-1967


2 Image CDs


These scanned images are from a scrapbook, loaned for that purpose, to the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston, by Ethel Arsenault, Brigadier organizer and a resident of Harbor Point in Dorchester, Mass.


These two disks contain a photographic scrapbook kept on the Dorchester Brigadiers.  They were originally organized in May of 1961 as Saint Christopher’s Brigadiers, but soon after changed their name to the Dorchester Brigadiers.  At the start, they were made up of a small group of teens and a single manager at the Columbia Point Housing Project.  Organizing, at first, was very rough, but they were determined.  Some help was received from their parents, but the rest of the needs had to be met by the Brigadiers themselves.  They worked hard to raise funds trying not to have this interfer with their practice, which was, by their own request, five nights a week.  By the time they disbanded in 1968, they had won 13 trophies and had received many awards from benefit and hospital appearances.

Scope and Content

The CDs contain mostly scrapbook photographs from 1966-1967.  Very few are labeled, but are clearly specific to the Dorchester Brigadiers and the time frame of 1966-1967.  There are some 20 additional images on Columbia Point on disk II, dating from 1968 & 1990.  There are exactly 119 images in total on the two disks, captured by scanner in tiff format at 200/300 dpi resolution.


Disk Contents
I. Scrapbook containing 119 images
II. (2) folders containing misc. images/programs on the Brigadiers and Columbia Point, and remaining scrapbook images.