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Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association : Records, 1967-1982


5 file boxes


The records of the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association were placed on deposit in the University of Massachusetts at Boston Archives by John McColgan, a CSHCA officer, in November 1985.


In 1968, the Savin Hill Improvement Association (founded in 1967) merged with the Columbia Civic Association to form the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association. It was concerned with issues of crime and safety, housing, development, senior citizens, and cooperative efforts with the University of Massachusetts at Boston (UMB) and the John F. Kennedy Library. Although some of their concerns have changed, the organization continues today. The following covers the period described in these records.

The Columbia-Savin Hill neighborhood comprised most of North Dorchester, a section of the city of Boston. It was primarily a working- class neighborhood of many three-decker houses. Columbia Point, which included the Columbia Point Housing Project, the Bayside Exhibition Center, the University of Massachusetts at Boston's Harbor Campus, and the JFK Library, formed part of the district.

The CSHCA was governed by a president and an elected executive committee. A number of standing or continuing committees dealt with the key issues of concern to the Association, including housing, and UMB monitoring and cooperation. They also formed numerous ad hoc committees to deal with specific issues or projects, usually in response to a neighborhood problem or issue.

Scope and Content

These records of CSHCA have been arranged into six series:

  • I. Governance
  • II. Correspondence
  • III. Newsletters
  • IV. Committees
  • V. Other activities
  • VI. Collected material

Most of the folder titles were maintained. Since many of CSCHA's members participated in several of the Association's committees and activities, most files contain records related to those in a variety of other files, regardless of the folder titles.

This collection documents the activities of a Dorchester neighborhood association and the issues that concerned them (especially the predicted impact of a university moving into an urban neighborhood), and the working relationship between CSHCA and UMB.

Series I: Governance and finance, #1-15, consists of minutes, copies of the constitution and by-laws, reports, and treasurers' records. The minutes are of general, executive board, and committee meetings, and include notes, prepared copies, treasurer's and other reports, and attendance lists.

Series II: Correspondence, #16-32, includes incoming and copies of outgoing letters, which reflect the scope of operations of the various committees. Interfiled with correspondence are memos, reports, and additional information regarding specific subjects, e.g. redevelopment of Dorchester Avenue.

Series III: Newsletters, #33-36, includes many issues of CSHCA's monthly publication "The Neighbors," and some original lay-outs and submissions.

Series IV: Committees and task forces, #37-51, contains membership lists, reports, minutes, and proposals from a number of CSHCA committees and subcommittees. Although several committees were formed specifically to deal with issues raised by UMB's move to the neighborhood, in the early 1970s other committees also worked on UMB issues.

Series V: Other activities, #52-69, includes proposals, reports, agreements, and other material regarding CSHCA and UMB's field office, CSHCA's work on issues such as housing and development, and their work with other organizations.

Series VI: Collected material, #70-76, consists of periodicals, newsletters, and other printed material from other organizations or that CSHCA used in its work.