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Boston Public Housing Tenants Policy Council : Records, 1968-1984


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The records of the Boston Public Housing Tenants Policy Council were given to the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts/Boston in August 1988 by David Waskow, a member of the Fairmont Tenants Task Force.

RESTRICTIONS. Access to personal data about public housing tenants is restricted.


The Boston Public Housing Tenants Policy Council was a city-wide tenants organization for all residents of public housing. The federal modernization program to improve the quality of living in low-rent housing projects in the 1960s stipulated that tenants had to be involved in planning and implementation of any modernization program. As part of its application process in 1968, the Boston Housing Authority organized four city-wide public housing tenants task forces which advised the BHA on its proposal. Those task forces incorporated as the BPHTPC in December 1968. The Council was the liaison between the BHA and its tenants during and after the modernization program.

The BPHTPC established a "local" elected task force in every housing development. In addition, there were a few issue-based city-wide task forces (e.g. elderly). Representatives from these two types of task forces formed the Policy Council. The Council dealt with issues such as relocation policies, leases, tenant selection, safety, and maintenance. The BPHTPC was a plaintiff in the 1975 class action suit against the BHA, participated in attempts to reform the Authority including the 1977 consent decree, and played a role in the BHA receivership ordered by Judge Paul G. Garrity in 1980.

Scope and Content

The records of the BPHTPC consist of correspondence files, local task force files, semi-monthly conference agendas with the BHA receiver, proposals, reports, and some minutes that document some of the concerns of residents of individual housing developments, the opinions and suggestions the Council presented the BHA, and the Council's relationship with the BHA and its receiver.