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Boston Children's Service Association : Annual reports and photographs of antecedent agencies, 1819-1994 (Bulk, 1922-1994)


4 Document cases


These photographs and annual reports were donated to the Archives and Special Collections Department of the Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston Library by the Boston Children's Service Association (BCSA) in June 1995. Though the photos were received from this organization, they were collected and taken by various agencies which became a part of the BCSA.


The Boston Children's Service Association was formed by the merger of the Boston Children's Aid Association and the Boston Children's Friend Society in 1960. Their history is one shared by many other organizations. Its antecedent agencies include the Boston Female Asylum, the Boston Children's Aid Society, the Boston Children's Friend Society and the Boston Society for the Care of Girls. For more information on the history of the agencies, see the finding aids of the antecedent agencies.

Scope and Content

The photographs are divided into two series. The first is a subject file. The second is slides, glass plates, etc. Within each subject, the photos have been separated, as best possible, to give an account of their origins. The folder title for the first series includes: subject and office of origin (if applicable). In many cases it was not possible to determine which agency created or had these photos created. All other mediums are in the second series, including slides and glass plate negatives, housed in Box 3 in individual sleeves or envelops for preservation purposes. In all cases, as much information about the photograph, photographer and subjects, as is known, is listed on the encasing. The collection also contains printed annual reports of BCSA from 1957 to 1994.

Abbreviations of antecedent agencies:

BFA Boston Female Asylum
BCAS Boston Children's Aid Society
BCFS Boston Children's Friend Society
BSCG Boston Society for the Care of Girls
BCAA Boston Children's Aid Association
BCSA Boston Children's Service Association



    Box 1: Subject File A-D

    1. Adoption, BCSA
    2-3. Adoption, unidentified (2 folders)
    4. Advertisement, BCSA
    5. Beach/Swimming, unidentified
    6. Buildings, BCSA
    7. Buildings, BSCG
    8. Buildings, unidentified
    9. Camping/Fishing, unidentified
    10. Camp Life, BCAA
    11. Camp Life, field trips, Boys Club
    12. Camp Life, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
    13. Camp Life, YMCA
    14. Camp Life, unidentified
    15. Children: Infants, BCAS
    16. Children: Infants, unidentified
    17. Children: older children, unidentified and BCSA
    18. Children: boys, BCAS
    19. Children: Toddlers and young children, unidentified
    20. Christmas, BCAA
    21. Christmas, unidentified
    22. Disabled Children, unidentified
    23. Doctor's Visit, BCAA
    24. Doctor's Visit, unidentified

    Box 2: Subject File E-Z

    25. Farm Life, Groton Foster Home
    26. Farming, unidentified
    27. Group Photos, unidentified
    28. Home Libraries (H.L.), BCAS, w/negs (see also: Box 3, f.5-10)
    29. Landscape with lake, BCSA
    30. Pre-School, unidentified
    31-32. Publicity, BCSA (2 folders)
    33. Publicity Campaign, BSCG
    34. Publicity Drawings, BCAS
    35. Publicity Program Photos, unidentified
    36-37. Staff/Officers, BSCG (2 folders)
    38-39. Staff/Officers, BCFS (2 folders)
    40. Staff/Officers, secretaries luncheon, BCSA
    41-43. Staff/Officers, BCAA (3 folders)
    44-45. Staff/Officers, unidentified (2 folders)

    Box 3: Slides, glass plates, etc.

    1-2. Chicago World's Fair charts, glass plate, BCAS
    3. Charles Birtwell, glass plate and negative, BCAS
    4. Pine Farm School, glass plate and slide, BCAS
    5-6. Home libraries, 1904, glass plate and negative, BCAS
    "First general meeting of Home Libraries, Nov. 26, 1904 at Huntington Hall
    7. Home Libraries, 1889, glass plate, BCAS
    "Home Libraries group at 388 Commercial Street in yard, July 18, 1879"
    8. Home Libraries, 1889, glass plate, BCAS
    "Noyes Pl. looking from Salem St., HL children and friends, July 22, 1889"
    9. Home Libraries, 1889, glass plate and slide, BCAS
    "HL group taken in yard of tenement at 388 Commercial St., July 18, 1889"
    10. Home Libraries, 1889, glass plate and slide, BCAS
    "HL group taken in rear of house, 19 Sharing St., July 8, 1889"
    11. Rock Lawn Farm, Foxboro, glass plate and slide, BCAS
    12. Street scene with children, glass plate negative, unidentified
    13. Baby in carriage, glass plate, unidentified
    14. Street scene with women, men and children, glass plate negative, unidentified
    15. Framed mittens, BFA, 1819
    16. Boston Female Asylum building, calendar print and slide, 1950, BCAA
    17. Slides of text, 12 slides, unidentified
    18. Slides, country field and building, unidentified
    19. Misc. negatives used in publications, 1962, 19 negs., BCSA
    (perhaps negatives of some photographs in box 1 or 2)

      Box 4: Annual Reports, 1957-1994